Forgotten Runes Cult Content

The Shifting Shelf

The Book of Lore

Explore the history of the Runiverse through our diverse library, created by w0nd3r.eth. New books are introduced to the library periodically, to help document events outside of the Book of Lore.

Forgotten Market


A community operated marketplace, created by TV. Listings here have lower fees than other marketplaces, and marketplace fees go direct to the House of Wizards.

Magic Wardrobe

Whacky Wardrobe

Tired of the clothes that Elf gave you? Customize your NFT with our !magic wardrobe.

Heroes of Cumberland


A collection of 4,597 meaty heroes, created by Feckless.eth

Now Minting

Forgotten Babies Wizard Orphanage

Forgotten babies.

A collection of 10,000 baby wizards, created by Acideater.eth. Send them to school, make friends, earn new outfits, and try not to let anything bad happen to them!

The House of Wizards

House of Wizards

The House of Wizards is a Forgotten Runes Community DAO. Comprised of Forgotten Runes token holders, the House of Wizards funds community proposals centered on art, lore, development, and more.

The Barren Court

Barren Court

The Barren Court is a community driven lore project.

Runes TCG

Barren Court

Runes is an NFT trading card game set in the Runiverse, the world being realized by the Forgotten Runes Wizard Cult team & community. It is game with fun, easy to grasp, yet engaging gameplay that has a major focus on co-authoring & storytelling.

Wizards Spellbook

Forgotten Spells

Wizards Spellbook allows you to mint a spell for your wizard. Built by tv3636, Ozzz, aranair, and Niski.

The Atelier

Forgotten Spells

The Atelier is a renowned studio born from FRWC storytelling inputs, hosting a master-disciple lineage of artists. Having the painter Ozzz as its current keeper, it merges his personal artistic development with community lore building.

Build Manifest

  • Transition storage to decentralized database
  • "Transcribe to the Book of Lore" function
  • New asset packs for Wizards + Warriors + Souls
  • New Entrant Ethereum/MetaMask Onboarding Quest
  • And more !magic...